Midlife is a beautiful awakening, not a crisis...

a force to be reckoned with

Ladies, we are in this thing called middle-age together

I write to encourage and inspire women, connecting them through words and humor… remember that you have the strength, love, and ability to encourage the women in your life

Lillian Taylor, Humorist and Meme Harvester

My passion is about connecting with creative, funny, interesting driven women like you during this time of life. Midlife is a beautiful awakening, not a crisis, and a force to be reckoned with. It is impossible to put out our flame and desire for more knowledge, purpose and meaning while we embrace and explore these middle-age years.

Who Is Lillian?

When I reached my early 50’s, I became passionate about connecting with other midlife women and providing a platform we can meet on, learn and have a laugh or two together. My goal is to share this rare and beautiful time of life with you and the many great folks I’m meeting along the way.

There is a mutual understanding, a sisterhood, among women as we enter this “middle” period. It is a rite of passage, both terrifying and exhilarating. During this time of awakening, and sometimes confusion, we need each other. Connection is necessary for sharing stories, dreams, visions, victory, and losses

Lillian’s Likes

My #snarky mug collection continues to grow and in addition to the Logo brand items, I’ve created a new line of mugs and tee-shirts, “I’ve Been Ma’ammed”. Hope you have half as much fun browsing the shop as I have had creating it!

    Lillian’s Sweatshirt

Lillian’s TeeShirt

Lillian’s Sweatshirt

Lillian’s Teeshirt