Serendipitous Visit to an Old Stone Church

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Today was one of those days when anxiety seemed to be knocking a little too loudly on my door. So, this afternoon I found myself, almost oddly, drawn to an old stone church on my way to Whole Foods. (I’ve only lived in this community about a year and still don’t know much about it)

It wasn’t a conscious decision at all; it was more like an irresistible pull that led me to turn around and head back toward it. I had to ring the church office bell and ask if I could sit in their serene stained-glass sanctuary I could see from the road. A very kind elderly lady escorted me through the halls to the large oak doors and invited me to stay as long as I needed. Alone, I silently began to read a few psalms by the only light streaming in through the cavernous stained glass windows.

As I sat and read slowly, something magical happened—the quieting of my soul. I stayed on for nearly an hour, not wanting to leave the heartfelt peace I was beginning to feel. I wondered if this calm would linger beyond the church parking lot or even last through the day.

But those errands weren’t going to take care of themselves so I moved on and it didn’t take long for the anxiety to rear up within minutes. And just like that, I was transported back into the reality of my day….my LIFE. But, you know what? I’m so glad I followed that inner pull to the old church on the hill today. I’ve been wanting to do exactly that for months now, hesitant because I thought I might look and feel foolish and out of place in a strange church in what I still consider a foreign community.

It turned out better than I could have imagined, and for that I’m grateful. The church was inviting, the staff welcoming, and the experience unforgettable.

I look forward to my next visit.

Lesson learned: trust your gut

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