If you want to bring out the CrAzY in me just call me MA’AM!

I don’t like or choose to use that anxiety-provoking word, ever…unless of course, my end goal is to piss off another sista!


Annnnnd, It doesn’t escape my limited knowledge and colloquial verbal skills that in different regions of the country, the South, for example, it’s a sign of respect. Bless their hearts!


I can’t be the only woman on the planet that finds that word offensive.

In fact, I KNOW I’m not,I GOOGLED it. I found all kinds of validating articles, testimonials, videos, and even songs written about this very tiny yet offensive word! Who knew 4 little letters centered with an apostrophe could wield enough POWER that may require starting a social movement.


A little history: If you don’t already know, since the 1600s, Ma’am is actually, in layman’s terms, a shortened version of the word Madam, a more formal way to address women of superior status. Makes me wonder what year/century the whole prostitute procurement association thing happened, yet I digress.


I remember years ago a young bartender friend of mine told me he understood the whole ma’am thing at an early age because his mom made sure of it. He also shared with me how he used the word as a weapon behind the bar and didn’t think twice about lobbing it like a grenade towards rude and disrespectful women customers.


All I’m saying is I don’t believe most women like to be addressed as ma’am. Would you agree?


We don’t have to start a movement, just a conversation.


Love to hear your thoughts!

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