“Pie In The Sky”

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 I woke up at 3 a.m. after another sleepless night, and instead of reading, I decided to channel surf. I stumbled upon a sweet little film that was clearly a one-act play about a mother-and-daughter relationship. I thoroughly enjoyed it—the near-perfect performances, thought-provoking dialogue, and perfectly timed humor. Afterward, I googled it and discovered the playwright is Lawrence Thelen, a man with strong ties to Connecticut theater, right here in my home state.The film is “Pie In The Sky” on Prime, and I was captivated by its portrayal of an 85-year-old mother and her 65-year-old daughter in an Abilene trailer park. Mama wakes up at 4 a.m. to make her daughter’s favorite dessert for her birthday. The engaging dialogue beautifully reveals their family dynamics. It’s a must-see for mature mothers and daughters. Highly recommended! https://youu.be/np-jfM9tvBA?si=Axp9-BTLyYMDQmmBhttps://youtu.be/np-jfM9tvBA?si=GsncZu9z_4Oe_nPX

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