#myoffice today 
It’s times like this when I really understand just how childish and immature I can be when I know no one is watching.
I really wish I could be the woman most folks believe I am and give me far more credit than I deserve when it comes to age-appropriate thought and behavior.
Although it’s not often I find myself in a hostage situation, our state judicial system(aka) the perps, so I ask….what’s a girl to do?
I let my mind wander …most SANE people would use the time wisely, be productive even.
But we’re talking about me.
I wonder things like: What would happen if I were to tell a bald-faced lie and say I recognize the name of a potential witness and/or attorney working on the case? Hmmmmmm….
How about if I pulled out a tin foil coned-shaped chapeau, and placed it on my head right before the attorney begins questioning me. (Chuckling to myself)
I know.¬† It may be worth going the extra mile and ask to be “put on the box”, you know lie detector TEST so they know I take my civic duty seriously.
I got a million of’em…..Got nuthin But time today!
Honestly? I’m just crackin myself up …..
To be continued?????
Lawd, I hope not!