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What a Super busy week it has been!

Just to catch you up: I worked the holiday weekend at the #whineshop, and let me tell you, there was a lot of drama. I’ll fill you in on all that nonsense another day. Truth be told, the clock is ticking for me there—I’m not sure how much longer I can stay (or stand it).

Had to drive across the state of Connecticut for yet another dental procedure yesterday. I’m so scared of the dentist, but I go often because my dentist understands and respects my fear. I know many of you know what I’m talking about—it all stems from childhood trauma in the dental chair.

Now for the good news! Did you see my recent post about the fabulous one-act play, Pie in the Sky, which I discovered streaming on Prime over Memorial Day weekend? For those of you who missed it, here’s a brief recap, and for those who saw the original post, I apologize for even more gushing over this heartfelt story.

“Pie in the Sky is a poignant one-act play by Lawrance Thelen that beautifully explores the complexities of the mother-daughter relationship. The story revolves around an 85-year-old mother, Margaret, and her 65-year-old daughter, Dory. As they come together to celebrate Dory’s birthday, Margaret shares the family’s secret apple pie recipe, hoping it will help Dory find the ingredients for a new life. Through their heartfelt and often humorous exchanges, the play delves into themes of memory, legacy, and the evolving dynamics between mothers and daughters. Thelen’s masterful writing captures the essence of generational bonds and the enduring power of family traditions.”

This film moved me so much that I sent the author a letter ON Memorial Day, the day I saw it! First of all, there are only two characters in this play—a mother and daughter. I was blown away to discover a man wrote it! The dialogue was written and executed beautifully! Yet, I digress. So where was I? That’s right, I was telling you how I fired off a heartfelt email on Memorial Day shortly after seeing it. And guess what? The very next day, Tuesday, I received a wonderful reply from him, and we have been exchanging emails all week!

Yesterday, Thursday, I worked up the nerve to ask if he would consider doing an interview with me. I mean, think about it—I have questions. How did this man write such realistic, thought-provoking, heartfelt dialogue for not just one, but two women from different generations? I’m not only fascinated; I’m intrigued!

Guess what? He. Said. YES!!!!!! I’m thrilled to share this fantastic news with y’all!

As it stands now, he and I will be working on setting up the interview—date, time, and whether it will be virtual or in person. Did I mention he lives in Connecticut too?!

I’m so excited about all of this, I can’t stand it!

Hope you’re having an amazing day, and I’ll keep you posted on this unfolding story.

Love you guys!



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