I Made A New Friend

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I am so excited about making a new friend today! You know for weeks now I’ve been raving about the film “Pie in the Sky” since I watched it over Memorial Day weekend, encouraging all of you to watch it too. Watch it, you’ll love it, pinky swear!

Pie in the Sky (2023) Full Movie | Family Drama | Mother & Daughter

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been enjoying a wonderful email conversation with the playwright. He’s a lovely man, and a few weeks ago, I finally asked to interview him. He said yes! We got on a call today, and totally hit it off! I had prepared several questions but only managed to ask one because the conversation took on a life of its own. Those are the best ones, don’t you think?

 I learned so much about him, the inspiration behind the play, and how he was able to write so convincingly in the voices of two women from different generations. The hour flew by; it was easy, fun, and marvelously interesting!

I can’t wait to tell you more about what we talked about. 

When the call ended, my first thought was, “I think I just made a new friend.” It feels a bit odd to say that at this stage and age in my life, but it feels so good.

 So all that to say, or I wanna ask you: When’s the last time you made a new friend?  

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