I’m scared, excited, and hopeful…..

You see as the world begins to practice “normal” social behaviors once again, I have come to recognize just how comfortable I am with the whole isolation thing. Story of my life, just when I get the hang of things…. Can I be the only one

The pandemic simply provided a perfectly acceptable if not gallant excuse to, well, stay away from people I didn’t want to be around anyway. Really tho, is it just me? 

Note to self: Need to work on that….. Call my Therapist

I’m excited about my new online business I have spent most of this past year creating, learning, networking, and more learning. I’ve been a guest on a podcast, and invited to partner with the American Breast Cancer Foundation retail website. Oh yeah, and my entrepreneurial journey was featured in an article with one of our larger Universities here in Connecticut. And that all happened just this month!  I’m scared to be successful, more terrified to be a failure.  

Note to self: Need to work on that…. Call my Therapist 

I’m hopeful for my future. I’m hopeful for YOUR future! I hope we are all safer than we were a year ago and continue to learn from one another’s choices while practicing gratitude and tolerance. 

Note to self: I GOT THIS!