Dear Linda,

I’m sorry for your pain, shame, and all you have been through in recent years.

That said, I think the real story here is what you have gained, PURPOSE, as opposed to everything you feel you have lost

Please don’t misunderstand my words as judgmental or dismissive of your success as a super-model. I applaud your professional achievements and your decision to use your celebrity voice to help others.

As I read articles detailing your horrific experience, the procedure, and the reality of the correct diagnosis, I couldn’t help but feel empathetic but also left, well, scratching my head and actually wincing a bit.

No disrespect but you live a very privileged life in a beautiful world most of us only experience scrolling photo ops, fashion weeks, and other celebrity publications. That’s not to say the average postmenopausal woman can’t relate to your poignant journey and words.

You say you’re choosing to share your trauma to “provide comfort to others suffering from similar situations”. I say use this trauma to open and raise the conversation about aging women, our bodies, and feeling invisible in society. Hence, your purpose.

YOU have the platform(s), voice, and experience to facilitate a community and help mature women everywhere feel good about our inevitable changing bodies.


I hope you’ll consider it.

I wish you happiness, peace, and light.

Blessings to you,