Dear Hollywood

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Dear Hollywood,

It’s me.

You know, invisible me. A sixty-something divorced woman who longs for my life to be seen, heard, and validated in TV, theater, and film.

Look, I get it, really I do!

I’m fairly certain you believe that throwing BIG money at the “thirty-something” girls/women with plump lips, BIG hoohahs, and a 24-inch waist is what I want and aspire to hang on to once the official passing of my youth can no longer be denied.


You know what I want?

I want to feel appreciated for who I am TODAY, at this time in life, and NOT feel invisible.

I want my gray hair to be respected for all the wisdom it represents.

I want my dry skin and wrinkles to serve as a reminder, yes ONLY a reminder, of MY glory days… days of my YOUTH.

I want to be excited about growing old and not fear it.

Growing old is a privilege.

I want YOU to do better.

Dear Hollywood,

You can write, produce, and support this.

I know you will, and I thank you for it.



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