Courageous – My Word of the Year

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COURAGEOUS! My Word of the Year.

 I am excited to share my chosen word: “Courageous.” In recent years, I’ve realized the impact fear has had on my life. Fear of judgment, fear of making the wrong choices, and fear of facing risks and challenges have shaped far too many of my decisions.

The truth is, much of my life lacked authenticity because I allowed the expectations of others to guide my path. I wasn’t brave enough to trust myself, to believe that I knew what was best for me. But after some deep soul-searching, I, like many of you, took the challenge to choose my word of the year seriously.

I narrowed it down to three possibilities, but the definition of “courageous” resonated with me the loudest. To be courageous is to be brave, and undeterred by danger or pain. This is how I choose to step into the new year.

I’ve realized that it’s time to let go of my FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) and be valiant enough to believe in my own ability to overcome adversity. Yes, I’ve been navigating life scared for years, but the difference this year lies in embracing the courage within me that has always been there.

In 2024, I am committed to mining that courage, allowing it to lead me to places in my life that I didn’t know were possible. It’s a journey of self-trust, authenticity, and taking hold of the strength within.

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