Welcome to the World of Lillian Taylor

I’m an influencer, blogger, humorist, and meme harvester.

Having spent the majority of my life in the beautiful state of Connecticut (aside from that one rebellious year in my twenties when I ventured to California), I proudly identify as a country mouse at heart.

The New England coastline, classic black-and-white films, and vintage homes have always captivated me. Whether I’m reading about these places or taking a drive to explore them, immersing myself in these experiences recharges my spirit my spirit when needed.

For nearly three decades, I’ve navigated the journey of life post-divorce. Despite the challenges, I’ve found joy and fulfillment in keeping the power of family, strength, love, and friendship in my heart each day. Recognizing them as an essential component of my quality of life, they have been my beacon of light even in the darkest hours.

A pivotal moment occurred a few years ago when I found myself overcoming yet another mini-crisis. In that time, despite my own perseverance, I felt lonely. It dawned on me that I wasn’t. There are countless mature women, like us, navigating life on our own and we just need to find each other. This realization led to the creation of my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/Lillianwrites, which has now grown to nearly 70k strong and continues to flourish.

Within our community, you’ll discover a blend of inspiration, humor, and unwavering support. Our focus is on women’s empowerment – recognizing that we are INVINCIBLE, NOT INVISIBLE! Together, we celebrate the strength that comes from supporting, encouraging, and lifting one another up.

Join us in this empowering journey. Come celebrate with us and be a part of a community that believes in the power of women standing tall, resilient, and united!

Lillian Taylor

I’m a Facebook Influencer

In the vibrant tapestry of mid and late-life, my passion lies in connecting with creative, funny, and interesting women who are navigating this beautiful awakening – not a crisis.

Together, we celebrate the art of supporting and empowering one another as we master the art of navigating life on our terms.

Late midlife isn’t a challenge; it’s an adventure, and we, as a force, carry a flame impossible to smother.

Here’s to the strength, wisdom, and unyielding spirit that make midlife a powerful journey of connection and self-discovery.  

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As the vibrant community of mid and late-aged women continues to flourish, I am thrilled to witness its rapid growth. The connections we forge, the support we offer, and the empowerment we share make this journey truly extraordinary.

In the spirit of expanding our circle, I am excited to announce the forthcoming introduction of a new Facebook group at the end of 2024 — WWP, Women Without Partners.

This space will be a dedicated haven for women navigating life independently, embracing the strength and unity that defines our community.

Stay tuned for this exciting venture, featuring our brand-new logo, as we continue to celebrate the richness of life and the power of shared experiences.